We are a collective of talented women.

We are seasoned public sector management consultants, educators, former school leaders, social and restorative justice strategists, researchers, leadership coaches and entrepreneurs. Our backgrounds are in teaching, school leadership, non-profit management, youth development, policy and research, coaching, strategic planning, adult facilitation and project management. We come together as the Women’s Brain Trust to engage and involve the human perspective in every step of the process of solving complex challenges in the education and social sectors.


Jenna Wendy Shapiro

Founder, Women’s Brain Trust

Experienced educator, facilitator of difficult conversations, complex problem-solver, design thinker, improvement scientist, team builder and coach, navigator of change.



Nakeia Drummond

Founder and Chief Strategist,
NLD Strategic

Expert in making change work and managing its complexities, developer and master facilitator of adult learning experiences, designer of processes with a relentless focus on improvement, skillful project manager.



Titilola Harley

Founder and CEO, Harley Consulting Group

Skillful strategic thinker, manager of complex problems representing many priorities, transformer of organizational thinking, business operations optimizer, expert in creative approaches to sincere stakeholder engagement.



Nicole Lavonne Smith

Co-Founder, Clothing Counts

Skillful educator, social and restorative justice strategist, cultural competency builder, youth development expert, middle and high school reimaginator, urban planning cultural preserver, community-building experience-maker, entrepreneur.



Jacqueline Skapik

Chief Strategy Officer, Harley Consulting Group

Manager of complex public sector projects and their many stakeholder groups, navigator of high pressure, deadline-driven environments, proactive and creative problem solver, driver of continuous improvement, expert communicator and risk analyzer.



Laura Weeldreyer

Creative educator and public school reformer with extensive experience in urban public education administration and community organizations, large scale reform implementer, policy developer and advocate, nonprofit management expert, strategic mastermind, skillful consensus builder.