We connect our worlds.

Joining our community connects you with a powerful network of collaborators to ask questions, seek feedback, share perspectives, swap resources and solve problems. We believe that bringing together diverse experiences, approaches and disciplines helps us see and solve complex challenges. Join our collective and join in on our conversations.


We are all busy growing our independent entities but also frequently in touch with each other. Our Slack channel is how we connect and where we grow those connections.

Virtual Chats

We “meet” once a month, live and in person, for a virtual hangout. The agenda for these sessions is open and constructed in the first few minutes of the call collaboratively.

Dinner Parties

Once in a while we get to spend real time together. WBT sponsors and co-hosts dinners to bring the collective together for power and community building.


We use google drive to share resources, resumes, project planning, professional development opportunities and more. We’re also building a facilitation toolkit.