We are a collective of women who believe in the power of connection, relationships and community to solve society's most complex challenges.

Women’s Brain Trust was born out of a passion for doing work we love alongside women we respect. We are a collective of seasoned public sector management consultants, educators, business leaders and incubators, researchers, leadership coaches, entrepreneurs, strategists and therapists. We center equity and an approach that honors the authenticity of individual experiences. We come together as the Women’s Brain Trust to engage and involve the human perspective in every step of the process of solving complex challenges in the public sector. We are dedicated to a common mission that drives us all: working toward a just society.

The WBT Collective

Bringing together diverse experiences and disciplines helps us better understand complex challenges. Join our community to ask questions, seek feedback, share perspectives, swap resources and solve problems together.


We connect to support each other online and in person. Join our collective to connect with members via Slack, monthly virtual chats, dinners, and resource sharing. Create your own way to connect with the collective.



Take a look at how the members of our collective think about facilitation. We share an approach to facilitation that rejects the “moderator / participant” dynamic. We work to build trust and create relationships across the room.